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How to Register for Patient Access and Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to log into Patient Access 


What is Patient Access?




With Patient Access, you can now access services at Clapham Park Group Practice at home, work or on the move - wherever you can connect to the internet. Patient Access is a 24 hour online service you can do this in your own time, day or night.

Clapham Park Group Practice services you can access on Patient Access are as follows:


How to register for Patient Access

 To register for Patient Access please contact the surgery on 0208 678 5420. We will provide you with registration details, either, via your chosen email address, by post or a paper version for you to collect at reception.  

The following video provides a step by step guide to registering for patient access. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or need help with registering for Patient Access.


Need help registering for Patient Access?  

If you are having difficulty in registering for Patient Access, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 678 5420. Alternatively, please complete the below contact form where we will contact you back within 1 to 2 working days to go through the registration process and answer any queries you may have.  



Frequently Asked Questions  

Why has the practice removed the repeat prescription online form and moved to Patient Access? 

Patient Access is an online service available 24/7 where you are able to order medication, check test results, view a simplified version of your medical record, and book and cancel GP appointments securely.
We have taken this decision as:
·         Patient Access gives patients a more reliable and secure service.
·         Patient Access is more efficient for our practice team, which helps us to manage increasing numbers of requests made via email and our online form.
·         Practices across the UK have made a joint commitment with the BMA and NHS to encourage patients to register for online services. This helps to save valuable time for NHS organisations and patients themselves.
In order to register for online access please contact us on 0208 678 5420, or attend the practice where we will be more than happy to guide you through the process of registering for online access. Once we have verified your data, our administration team will have your online login details set up within 2 working days.

Can I register my child to Patient Access?

At this stage, only patients over the age of 18 are able to register for online services; but, not to worry!, we will still be accepting repeat prescriptions for children via email at the following:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 When emailing your request for your child(ren), please make sure to include the following information. Incorrect/incomplete information may delay your request: 

- Name of the patient 

- Date of birth 

- Name of the medication(s) you are wanting to request 

- Choice of pharmacy you would like the request to be sent to (if you are wanting it sent electronically) 


I am a carer for someone, can I register them for Patient Access under my name/email? 

If you are a carer for a patient who is registered at the practice and would like to register them for Patient Access on their behalf, we may still be able to register them providing that we have received consent from the patient and that we have you recorded as a carer for them on our system. 

The reason we ask that consent has been provided by the patient and that you are recorded on our system as a carer with permission to discuss their medical care is due to both Data Protection and Confidentiality. 

For more information, please contact the practice on 0208 678 5420


I cant find my medications I want to request on Patient Access, what now?

If you are unable to find the medications you are wanting to request via Patient Access, please follow the instructions located towards the top of the repeat prescriptions page on Patient Access for details on how to request medications which are not shown on your Patient Access Portal.


Do I need to attend the practice to register for Patient Access?    

To register for Patient Access you can, either, call 0208 678 5420 or visit the practice in person. If you would like to register for Patient Access via telephone, we will ask you security questions in order to verify your identity. If we are unable to verify your identity over the telephone you may be asked to attend the practice in person to verify your details. 


Can I book a nurse appointment on Patient Access?

Due to complexity of nurse appointments where there are various types of appointments which you can book with a nurse (dressings, cervical screening, immunisations, contraception etc.) patients are currently unable to book nurse appointments via Patient Access. 

If you would like to book an appointment to see one of our nurses, please contact the surgery on 0208 678 5420. 


I am unable to request my repeat oral contraceptive via Patient Access, what is the alternative?

To request your repeat oral contraceptive, please use the repeat contraceptive form on our website. The link to this form is as follows: 

To request for the progesterone contraceptive pill, please use the following form:


Once I have put in my repeat prescription request via Patient Access, how long will it take for my request to be processed? 

Once you have put in your repeat prescription request via Patient Access it will take 2 working days to complete. 

For example, if you put in your request on Monday, it will be ready for collection on Thursday (2 working days NOT including the day you put in your request). Please ensure that your leave plenty of time to put in your repeat prescription request. 


I am finding it difficult to use Patient Access or/and I am having technical difficulties, what help is available? 

If you are having technical difficulties or struggling with using Patient Access, please do not hesitate to contact us, either, by calling us on 0208 678 5420 or by completing the above contact form where we will aim to contact you back within 1 to 2 working days of your query.


Can I access my medical records via Patient Access? 

Unfortunately, at present, you are not able to access your medical notes via Patient Access. Should you wish to view your medical notes, please contact the surgery on 0208 678 5420. Please note, there may be a charge for this request. 


I don't want to register for Patient Access, what are my alternatives for requesting my repeat prescriptions?

If you did not want to register for Patient Access you can still request your repeat prescriptions by the following ways: 

1) You are able to complete and hand in a repeat prescription requests to reception at the practice

2) You can also use your local pharmacist service to place your order and by choosing a preferred pharmacy your medication can be sent electronically (EPS) to them ready for you to collect.

 Please be advised, some items are not prescribed by GPs. Patients are advised to purchase these over the counter from a local pharmacist.
Information on medication purchased over the counter is available at the following link:


Can I not just request my repeat prescription over the telephone? 

Unfortunately, we do not accept repeat prescription requests via telephone. All medication requests need to be provided in writing or via Patient Access to ensure that we have a record of when and what you have requested. We are, however, able to update you on your written request as well as advise which pharmacy your request has been sent to (if applicable).