Patient Access is a great online service which allows you to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, view your medical records and send secure messages to the practice. The services is open 24/7/365 and can be accessed from your home PC, Tablet or Mobile phone.


Register at the surgery in person

Step 1. read this information leaflet

Step 2. download, complete and print our 'Patient Access Application Form'.

Step 3 Visit the Practice in person and hand to reception your completed application form. Please inform the receptionist whether you've read the information leaflet.

Please Note that we also have the application form and information leaflet at reception if you are unable to download, complete and print it.

Step 4 Show your Identification - two forms of ID. one photo ID such as Passport, drivers licence, freedom pass etc and also one form of ID with your home address such as recent utility bill, bank statement etc. Full List of acceptable ID

Once you have completed the above steps, the receptionist will print for you a Patient Access Pin Document which you need in order to sign up to Patient Access.  

Once you have registered your Patient Access account, you will have full access to all the online services you requested.



How to give a carer, friend or family member access to your online record

You can now give permission for a carer, friend or family to have proxy access to your medical record. This will allow your nominated person to do all or some of the following:

Book and cancel appointments

Order repeat prescriptions

View your medical record, including results

Proxy access will be granted to parents of children under the age of 11 without a form being completed as long as the practice is sure that you have full parental responsibility for your child. Please note that once a child reaches age 11, proxy rights for parents will be paused until the patient consents using the practice consent form. Proxy access for parents will automatically be revoked for all patients once they reach the age of 16 and a new form will need to be completed if the patient wishes for proxy rights to be given.

Click below to download a proxy access form. Once you have completed this please return it to the practice by e-mail, in person, or by post.



Register from home and visit the surgery later

You can also register for this service online without visiting your practice by clicking here This method creates a basic account that allows you to book only one appointment. Using this option requires that you visit the surgery after registering and bring with you two forms of ID - one photo ID such as Passport, drivers licence, freedom pass etc and also one form of ID with your home address such as recent utility bill, bank statement etc. 

Full List of acceptable ID

Step 1: Enter your post code and click Search.

Step 2: Select your practice and click Continue.

Step 3: Click No to having a registration letter and then click Continue.

Step 3: Enter your personal details and click Continue to complete the registration process.

A the end of the registration, please remember to write down your User ID as you will need this to access your Patient Access account.

Remember: once you've registered yourself online, you will need to bring in your ID so that we can give you full access to your account.  You will also need to read our information leaflet and download, complete and print our 'Patient Access Application Form'. 



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