What is a self-referral?

A self-referral offers you access to a specialist without the need to see your GP first. A self-referral may also reduce your wait to access an expert opinion, advice and treatment of your condition and puts you in control of your care. 



Lambeth Talking Therapies is a part of the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Service (IAPT). Their service is avaible to anyone 18 years and older registered with a GP in Lambeth.

They offer talking therapies for people experiencing mild to depression, anxiety, worry, panic attacks, traumatic memories and obsessive compulsive disorder. They also offer help with other problems including anger, eating and relationship or sexual difficulties.

If their service isn't right for you, they'll suggest alternatives that are more likely to meet your needs and put you in contact with an appropriate service. 

To self-refer to Lambeth Talking Therapies, please click here.
Alternatively, you can self-refer by calling on 020 3228 6747. They will take some brief details about youself and book a 25 minute telephone assessment which is usually within a few days
For more Information about Lambeth Talking Therapies, please click here.


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