Requesting the Contraceptive Pill




All women on the pill should have a “pill check/ review” at least once a year (including blood pressure and weight). You can complete our online contraceptive pill form for your contraceptive pill which will allow a healthcare professional to re-issue your prescription for the pill if safe to without you having to come in for an appointment. If we need to speak to you before issuing more tablets we will contact you (using the mobile number on your records).

You may be due a review sooner if you have recently started or changed your contraceptive pill. The information provided will be sent to the practice team and your request will be processed over 2 working days. In order to track the progress of your request please use the NHS App or contact your nominated pharmacy. If we need to speak to you before issuing more tablets we will contact you.

Image of contraception pills

You will need to enter a recent blood pressure reading within your request. If you have had your blood pressure taken recently at the practice, please feel free to email us requesting your most up to date reading. If you have not had a blood pressure reading in the last 12 months, please book in for a blood pressure reading at the practice or attend a local pharmacy for a blood pressure reading.

Request a combined oral contraceptive pill

Request a progesterone only contraceptive pill