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updated at 05:59pm on 19/12/2020


by Anonymous

Great practice

The team, from reception to nurses and doctors, is patient, nice, and caring. They listen to patients and are always very clear with their assessment and the next steps of your journey.

Visited in September 2020, Posted on 10 September 2020


Contacting Surgery

I have been trying to make a follow-up consultation with a doctor EConsult is too long and too detailed for that purpose although useful for detailing symptoms for new problems. Can there be a section within econsult for brief messages for contacting the doctor for such things as follow up appointments or repeat prescriptions where the doctor has not listed them

Visited in March 2020, Posted on 18 June 2020

by Glenn

If you’re in need of help, this is the gp surgery to go to

I was suffering from sciatica and in typical ‘man’ fashion I left it way too long until I went to see the Doctor. I luckily was able to book my appointment online with the doctor, who was able to help me straight away with treatment and referrals to the hospital for further tests. At each stage, including results which were difficult for me to deal with she was available to give me advice and support, along with multiple other doctors when required. Luckily now I am very close to fully recovering six months on and I’m leaving this review to show my gratitude for the staff here who have been very helpful with last minute medication requests and helpful advice via phone when I couldn’t visit the surgery from the in house pharmacist. Many thanks to my doctor(an absolute star!) and the rest of the staff and Clapham Park. It’s been a terrible seven months that was made more bearable by your help and support. Thanks again.

Visited in February 2019, Posted on 07 October 2019

by Idris Walsh

100% comfortable being at this surgery

not really sure what all the negative reviews are here for. I personally think this is the best surgery I've been registered at for years. There are quite a few ways I can contact them and will sometimes contact them by phone, email or using the form online. I find that they get back in touch with me very quickly. The doctors are attentive and go the extra mile to help when its required. The nurses are great and are supportive of my diabetes management and I feel 100% comfortable being at this surgery.

Visited in January 2019, Posted on 07 October 2019