Impact of the Covid-19 Booster Programme and Omicron Variant



  • Our practice team will be busier than usual throughout December while we do everything we can to support the roll-out of the accelerated Covid-19 Booster Programme.
  • We will not be offering booster vaccines at the practice, but we will be sending staff to support local clinics.
  • We are also starting to experience staff shortages as our colleagues have to self-isolate due to the increased circulation of Covid-19 in the community.

Wherever possible we will try to ensure that this does not impact you as our patient. But on some days this may result in:

  • Longer wait times on the phones when you call the practice (the average today is 4 minutes and 5 seconds)
  • Some routine nursing services such as blood tests may be cancelled or postponed
  • Some routine GP appointments may be postponed

We will prioritise urgent GP appointments, vaccination services, and cancer screening services and will continue to offer these as normal.

Please continue to contact the practice as normal. We are still open and we are here to help. However please be patient and understanding with our team as they try to help you under very difficult circumstances.

Published: Dec 14, 2021