Prescription requests are processed over two working days (not including the day your request is submitted). In order to allow for an audit trail and to prevent any mistakes, medication requests are not taken over the phone. A written request is required directly from the patient. It is your responsibility to ensure that your repeat prescription request is ordered on time. You can request your medication two weeks in advance to finishing your current course. Please do not allow your medication to run out before making a request. Prescriptions can be requested via the below methods:



Patient Access is available to ALL our registered patients. Once you have registered with Patient Access and linked your account to the practice, you will be able to order your repeat prescription online. This is the preferred method for requesting repeat medication(s).

To register with Patient Access, please click here.



To order your contraceptive pill please complete our online form by clicking HERE.

 Alternatively you can:

  • Submit an e-Consult: You can submit an e-Consult to request your medication if you are unable to use Patient Access. Please enter your details and then select 'Other requests for documents or paperwork' - you will then be able to free text the name of the medication(s) that you require.
  • Request your medication via your pharmacy: You can request your repeat prescription by contacting your pharmacy, by phone or in person, who will forward your request on to the practice. 
  • Dropping your request in to our letter box: You can also drop off a written request for your medication(s) in to our letter box to the left of our practice entrance. Please ensure that you include your name and date of birth on your request.
  • If you are struggling to submit your request, you can email your request to the practice by clicking here. Please only use this method as a last resort.



IMPORTANT: Please be advised that we do not contact patient’s to confirm when a prescription has been issued due to the amount of requests authorised in a day. Patients are only notified via text where a medication cannot be issued. All prescription requests are processed over 48 working hours. You can double-check on the status of your medication request via Patient Access or by contacting your nominated pharmacy. 



People in the following categories are automatically exempt from prescription charges: Children under 16, under 19 and in full-time education, men and women over 60, people with certain chronic medical conditions, pregnant women and women within one year of giving birth.


It is sometimes worthwhile to buy a season ticket for pre-payment of prescription charges. Form FP95 is available by simply contacting the number on the back of your prescription side slip.

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