How to Book an Appointment




NHS 111 Symptom Checker

You can check your symptoms online using the NHS 111 symptom checker. This can help you to check if you need to speak to a GP, or if you should consider another options such as visiting a local pharmacy, going to A&E, or managing your illness yourself at home.



If you need to speak to a GP at the practice, you can book a telephone or face-to-face appointment with a doctor by phoning the reception team on 020 8678 5420. The NHS is extremely busy now so wait times for appointments may be longer than usual.

Our appointment line is open Monday-Friday between 08:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:30.


Lambeth GP Access Hubs

Our reception team can book you in to see or speak to a doctor at Clapham Park Group Practice, and can book you in to see or speak to a doctor at the Lambeth GP Access Hubs.

The access hubs are shared GP services available to patients registered at a practice in Lambeth. Wait times at the hubs are often shorter, so this is a good option if you do not mind which doctor you speak to, and can travel further for your appointment if needed.


Emergency Doctor

Like most GP practices, we have an emergency doctor on standby for problems that need dealing with urgently that day.

As they can only see a limited number of patients each day, our emergency doctor will only speak with the most urgent cases.

If you have an urgent medical concern and want to speak to the emergency doctor, then call the practice between 08:00–12:00 or 13:30-17:30, Monday-Friday.

Our reception team will talk through your concern and book you with the most appropriate person.

If our reception team add your name to the emergency list, you will receive a call back the same day, usually within two hours.

If you have a non-urgent query, our reception team will help signpost you to the right place.

The majority of emergency calls are resolved over the phone by our doctors, but sometimes we will ask you to visit the practice for an examination or a face-to-face discussion.


Online Consultations

econsult logo

Our eConsult service is available between 08:00 on Monday and 18:30 on Friday. It allows you to get help before the end of the next working day.


Arriving For Your Appointment

We ask that you try to arrive a few minutes early for your appointment. Please wear a facemask and sanitise your hands when you arrive.

Arriving late for appointments can cause our doctors to run late and inconvenience other patients. We appreciate your consideration.

Our Practice has a text message reminder system for appointments. Please make sure that, if you have a mobile phone, you tell us your number so that we can send you a reminder the day before your appointment.

  • Where possible, we try to be understanding and flexible if you are late due to reasons outside of your control.
  • It can help if you contact the practice to let us know that you are running late.
  • If you are late for your appointment you may need to wait longer to be seen, as the doctor or nurse may need to fit you in around their fully booked clinic.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late then we may ask you to rebook an appointment for another day. We will not ask you to re-book for another day if your appointment is urgent in nature, but you may need to sit and wait for the emergency doctor to become available. This can take up to 2 hours.
  • If you are unable to make your appointment, please call the practice to cancel as early as you can.